Stay updated in real-time about what’s happening in your company.

knackk is a news app that keeps you updated on company & co-worker activities.

Read, Post, Converse from anywhere!

Internal posts + relevant Media news

Valuable information and a place to voice yourself

All in one central place for easy viewing and interaction


Post about your activities or company activities. Tag co-workers involved, attach pic

Stay updated

Read through and converse about internal posts, and media news about company or industry

Add co-workers

Invite co-workers to join, Follow co-workers whose posts you want to track

Tabs to filter news

Filter posts involving you or co-workers you follow on me and Following tabs


Secure & private to employees of your company, verified via email

Employee focused — anyone can join for free & invite co-workers

Continuous refinement of media articles for maximum relevancy

How do YOU knackk?

Why knackk

Quick, easy, fun.

There are a lot of interesting things happening in your company, not related to productivity or workflow – like news, events, photos, promotions, new hires, achievements, product milestones, etc.

Employees want to stay in the loop about these things – and also share their own thoughts and updates – because it drives a sense of inclusion and community in the workplace.

But existing avenues like mass emails to co-workers, newsletters, intranets, blogs, wikis – aren't good enough.

knackk is a real-time, interactive, and convenient way to stay in the loop about what's happening in your company, and to voice yourself. Plus, it's fun!


We love reading articles about innovative and inspiring things that companies are doing. Check out the knackk Blog where we will feature such articles.

If you would like us to feature something that your own company, you, or a co-worker is doing, please email us at with subject ‘Blog idea’.

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